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Say hello to the leadership at High Rock Church

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at High Rock Church of Lexington. Got questions for the staff at High Rock?

Mike Hillard - Lead Pastor

Mike Hillard helped start High Rock Church in 2010. Since then, he has served as High Rock’s lead pastor. Mike is married to his wife Nancy and has a very energetic dog named Josie

Andy Clarke - Associate Pastor

Andy Clarke joined the High Rock Church staff in 2017. Andy serves as the Associate Pastor and Interim Student Pastor at High Rock. Andy is married to his wife, Savannah, and loves spending time with his daughters - Kalista and Haleigh, and sons - Daniel and Corbin.

Matt Whitley - Worship and Creative Arts Pastor

Matt Whitley became Worship Pastor at High Rock in 2011. Matt loves playing in HRWorship with his wife Mackenzie. He also enjoys playing music at home with his son Brock, who aspires to be a worship leader one day, and his sons Daxter, Milo, and Lincoln.

Mandy Cottrell - Director of Children’s Ministry

Mandy Cottrell joined the High Rock Church staff in 2014 as the director of children’s ministry. Mandy is married to her husband Toby, who serves in the Production Team during Sunday Services. She also has 2 sons named Camryn and Caiden.

Debbie Slone - Office Manager

Debbie Slone joined the High Rock Church staff in 2014. Since then, she has served as High Rock’s office administrator and Office Manager. Debbie is married to her husband, James, and loves to relax at home with her dogs Boomer and Cash.